I Heart New York Concept Sketch

1976. Ink and tape on paper envelope, 2 7/8 x 3 5/8″ (7.3 x 9.2 cm), Museum of Modern Art, NYC.

“I did the bloody thing in 1975 and I thought it would last a couple of months as a promotion and disappear.”
Milton Glaser

I Heart New York = I Heart Tourist Money

Historical and Economic Backdrop

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During the 70s New York was facing a fiscal crisis, crime problem and drop in tourism. The luster and glamour of New York’s image was tarnished. New York officials commissioned the ad agency Well, Rich, and Green and Milton Glaser a rising graphic artist to develop the “I love NY” campaign. The goal was to promote tourism. The logo was launched in 1977. New York still sells its brand today with “I love NY” merchandise.



I Heart New York = I Heart Tourist Money

If New York is the product, then your either the supplier or consumer.


Fashion Rebels: A Brief History of Jeremy Scott and the Fashion Iconography of “I Heart NY”

Jereomy Scott “Fashion’s Last Rebel”

The Red Lipstick Tour Research on Jeremy Scott



According to a recent article in the New York Times, Jeremy Scott came of age during the “anti-fashion” era which marked the runways from 1997-2001. For designers of that “age” he like a few of the other rebels,  went against the grain when it came to consumer trends in fashion. The fashion market from that time period and even through today has created greater market demands on designers to enter in to licensing agreements, accessory designs, and designer perfumes.

In a time when even the most prestigious brands like Valentino have been taken over by larger corporate fashion groups Jereomy Scott has maintained sole ownership of his fashion label.  While “collaborating” with Swatch, Longchamp and Adidas his designer DNA as permeated through out each collaboration and has helped to build is unique brand.


From the time he was 14 he began studying French. When it comes to fashion the serious learn French. Paris is after all the fashion capital of the world. He pulled him self out of the Midwest began studying rigorously garment construction and pattern making at Pratt. He later moved to Paris and like all creative types that do not “come from money” he found him self couch surfing, sleeping in the metro, struggling to pick up work and internships. He admits to the New York Times, that in a critical moment “This guy whose floor I was staying on his floor in Paris said ‘well if you are so good, why not do it yourself?’ ”

The Red Lipstick Tour Research on Jeremy Scott

The following fashion seasons for Jeremy Scott were marked with creative energy for developing work inspired by car crashes, the movie Blade Runner, trash bags and the apocalypse. He started by showing in bars and his radical style eventual out grew Paris. As with many emerging talented designer he was offered jobs at larger fashion houses. He declined and returned to the US to continue building his brand.

He candidly admits to the New York Times, “My independence and voice are important, people can circulate through these houses. Think of Ungaro. I wanted to build my name. I speak to a young demographic and a lot of them do not care about these perfume brands.”


While researching at Video Fashion in the Spring 2011 season I became inspired by the appropriation of his iconography and this give birth to the performance and fashion series Interventions of a Bag Lady.

The Red Lipstick Tour Research on "I heart NY" in fashion

The Red Lipstick Tour of Intervention of a Bag Lady in Socrates Sculpture Garden

Performance at Socrates Sculpture Garden in Queens New York for Skowhegan Performs event September 25, 2011.